Our team

Thomas Asselin

President, Creative Director

This has been the motto and guideline for Thomas Asselin, a.k.a. 73DPI. His method evolved from a training in architecture. His work is centered on the integration of sound and visuals to the web. Thomas has done a two-year stint in San Francisco as an Art Director for Balthaser Studio, where he got his feet wet experimenting with new technologies and new media. Given his background in graphic communication, Thomas Asselin displays the range of his talents by creating engaging web environments. His vast resources are apparent in the attention to detail he displays in every step of his creative process.

Luc Turbide

Project Officer / Head of interactive solutions

Curious and interested in everything that surrounds him. Luc loves technologies and arts but still remains simple and rational in his choices. From an Electronic specialized in Telecommunications background, his career has evolved into technical support and communications. Head of interactive solutions and project manager at 73DPI, he knows how to get the best of all, identifying qualities and strengths. He brought to the company a thorough knowledge of the human race through his experience in technical support and customer service. He has developed in his various workplaces, a sense of corporate structure by accumulating valuable years of experience in major companies including Nortel Networks, Bell and Telus.

Martin Blanchette

Graphic designer / programmer

His favorite phrase: "Sky's the limit!". Martin is an avid fan of digital arts, graphic design, photography, new media and the motion graphic. He's constantly looking for new concepts and is always looking to push his limits. Creativity is the engine in everything he undertakes. He studied in the field of graphic and web communication at College Édouard-Montpetit and will begin a Bachelor's degree in graphic design at UQÀM. These programs have enabled him to develop an effective method of work to market multimedia and taught him the technical knowledge on the field of communication. Even though he performs particularly well in design, video and digital imaging without neglecting a strong programming aspect, Martin prefers the artistic side rather than the technical side of the multimedia.